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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
How'd you enjoy the fest with shitty cracked ribs? Did you play it safe? By playing it safe I mean like NO moshing and stuff? Either way, glad you got to make it out for the show. Did you ever try any of the food at grill em all? After my brief chat with Idrinkewine I decided to finally go get some food from there, but they were closed

Did anyone actually try their stuff? Hows the Reign in Bun? Or The holy diver

How about the Kreator
I played it safe the whole time. I showed up around 3 or so to meet up with my friend so that I could give him my wrist band. I found out that I didn't need to stay inside the show area the entire show and could leave if I wanted to. I was about to drive out to Pasadena to pick up another friends wrist band who told me he wasn't going to go, but then some guy gave me his as I was about to leave. I had to go home and get some shit, so I was forced to miss Wormrot and came back in time for Primate. I found a spot in the very front next to the rail and figured no one would go crazy fo Primate, and I was right. I was able to sing along to the songs in peace. I had to move off to the side during Nails cause the pit started up and there were hardcore aerobics everywhere. After that, I went back to my car for a bit to relax, then headed over to the Fox. I found a nice spot on the balcony and just sat there the rest of the night and watched Agalloch, Obituary and MA. I learned something awesome, if I go up to the female bar tenders, tell them I'm in a lot of pain from a cracked rib and ask for a really strong drink, they will give me a glass full of hard liquor for cheap haha. I got a cup of Sailor with a sprinkle of red bull for $7, same price as a beer I'm so using that from now on hahaha.

I didn't eat at Grill em All. I don't even think I can eat anything at Grill em All. Most of those roach coaches are not vegan friendly. Too bad they don't have anything for me
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