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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
We waited for Obituary to come on and man did they slay. Weren't able to get onto the floor level because it was full, so after a couple songs we went upstairs and watched from the balcony level. I felt the need to be in the pit
How late did you get to obituary after immolation finished? After Immolation finished I took my sweet time getting to the fox theater, luckily I was still able to get on to the main pit floor. The best part about their set was the HUGE army of people from the balcony bumrushing the guards and getting into the main pit floor. That was fucking great! A good 40-60 people managed to get on to the main pit floor so It was EVEN MORE PACKED than it should be!! Poor Security guard, he fell straight to the floor as he was getting ran over by a bunch of raging obituary fans. It was like a huge waterfall full of metalheads just splashed him in the face and knocked him straight down, I really can't explain it. The mosh pit(it was just one big pit on the main floor)for Obituary was fucking brutal and I was very happy to be a part of that

Also, were you and your friends the first people in line for Wormrot? How far were you from getting inside the tent? I think I may have possibly been behind you guys(I'm not talking about inside the show, I'm just talking about while we waited in line) because I was only maybe 3-4 people away from getting inside the tent while I waited in line.

EDIT: treget, Chopped in half was indeed the 2nd song of the set. But I don't think they played the entire song. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but I could have swore they played another song in between "Chopped in Half". I know for a fact they didn't play the entire song. Maybe a medley? I have no idea, I was too busy moshing and headbanging to pay much attention but I'm pretty certain they didn't play "Chopped in Half" in its entirety. A "medley" if you wanna call it? Unfortunately I don't remember what song it was that they played in between chopped in half. All I remember after the solo is finished they go into another song?
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