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Well this was an incredible day to say the least. I'd really like to thank Scion for putting this all on for us!

My friend and I arrived a bit before 3 and waited for Wormrot at tent #1. The street had been blocked off and there was a lot of rent-a-cops around, as well as a couple actual ones. There were also a few food trucks there. A lot of people were already lining up to get into the Glasshouse, while others were getting their wristbands at the will call tent. Needless to say, it was really cool to see a whole block of downtown Pomona dedicated to metal for the day.

Wormrot went on as scheduled and the tent filled up immediately. Their sound was spot on and they seemed really happy with the response they were getting. The pit got going pretty good a few times and I joined in. I assume the set was the same as the one from the night before, so refer to vegantopher's thread if you are looking for it. After the finished up I went and bought their CD, Abuse.

Next we headed over to the Fox Theater. We saw Crom's last song and then I bought a Morbid Angel shirt. We went and dropped the stuff off in the car and got some food, then headed over to tent #2 to see Woe. When we got there they had already been playing for a while, but we got to see four songs I believe. I had never listened to them beforehand, but they sounded really good from what I could tell. I'll have to look into them more now.

Right after Woe we headed to the Glasshouse to see Atheist. It was packed when we got in, and within a couple minutes the band started playing. I admit, the sound in the Glasshouse was a little off, but they were still awesome. The set was pretty nice, although I felt it really needed "Unholy War". Kelly was energetic on stage and seemed to be really enjoying himself. I got to talk to him briefly later on and he was really nice. Here's what they played:
  1. Unquestionable Presence
  2. Second to Sun
  3. On They Slay
  4. Mineral
  5. Fraudulent Cloth
  6. Your Life's Retribution
  7. Live and Live Again
  8. An Incarnation's Dream
  9. Piece of Time

Immolation was going to play next so we stayed at the Glasshouse for them. As I mentioned, the sound was a bit off for Atheist, and Immolation had the same problem. The drums were much too loud in the mix. I know Immolation usually has the drums louder than most bands, but they were obnoxiously high this time. And the bass drums sounded really flat. Aside from that, the band was great, as usual. The set was solid, and I'm glad they kept a song from the first album on it. The venue was about as packed as it was for Atheist, so that made it pretty fun, especially considering the last time I saw them there weren't many people.
  1. Hate's Plague
  2. The Purge
  3. Father, You're Not A Father
  4. Den of Thieves
  5. Majesty and Decay
  6. Passion Kill
  7. A Glorious Epoch
  8. Into Everlasting Fire
  9. World Agony
  10. Power and Shame

After Immolation we moved back to the Fox Theater. I was hoping to catch the end of Agalloch, but by the time we got through the line and inside they had already finished. We waited for Obituary to come on and man did they slay. Weren't able to get onto the floor level because it was full, so after a couple songs we went upstairs and watched from the balcony level. I felt the need to be in the pit, but I was happy to at least be seeing them. John Tardy is one of my favorite death metal vocalists, and hearing him live was incredible. He truly sounds like he is dying on stage, letting out the last painful screams before leaving this mortal world. I was very satisfied with their set, and I hope to see them again soon.
  1. Redneck Stomp
  2. On the Floor
  3. Chopped In Half / Turned Inside Out
  4. Dying
  5. The End Complete
  6. Threatening Skies
  7. Forces Realign
  8. Final Thoughts
  9. Internal Bleeding
  10. Blood to Give
  11. Slow Death
  12. Evil Ways
  13. Slowly We Rot

Once Obituary had finished up we headed back downstairs for Morbid Angel. On the left side of the theater the security guy wasn't letting people into the floor level, but I saw some people go down there on the right side, so we went over there to see if we could get in. On that side there was a line set up a couple security guys were letting people in one by one. We were lucky enough to get in! After a little wait the lights went out and the ominous intro began to play. As the stage filled with fog the band slowly appeared and went right into the first song. The pit exploded and people on the sides were getting smashed into. This is the intensity I was hoping for. For the first half of the set I was in and out of the pit, until I started to feel light headed from dehydration. For the rest of the set I stood a bit off to the side, headbanging. I could see why vegantopher would be disappointed seeing the same set over again, but for me it was mesmerizing, since it was my first time seeing the band. They played all of my favorite songs from Altars of Madness and other great stuff. I don't think I have enjoyed a show this much since I saw Carcass on their last tour, and that's saying a lot. Morbid Angel blew me away. And I'll leave it at that.

I hope all of you who attended had a good time as well!
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