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I just got back...

Just gonna add my 2 quick cents on the show..

-Standing in the "will call" line from 1 pm to 4pm was a little annoying. I really wish I could have just got my wristband at a record store or something, that would have made the trip here and getting in WAY EASIER. But I still had a ball.

-WORMROT! HOLY LIVING FUCK WERE THESE GUYS INSANE. I Think I may have just found my new favorite band. I would say these guys were really one of my favorite acts during the day. They Really blew me away.

-Maybe it was because I was on the faaar right side of the amps but I thought Woe sounded pretty horrible. Different stroke different folks. I don't think the band sucks, I just think the sound was really bad but It wasn't really the bands fault.

-OBITUARY was amazing as usual.

- Immolation was good. NOT GREAT. It was my first time seeing them and they sounded decent....but that's it. I definitely wouldn't go see them if they were goin on a headlining tour again.

-I missed all of Atheists set because I was in line trying to get inside to see them but for some reason they weren't letting anyone in, maybe it was too full? I have no clue, all I know is I pretty much stood in line for their entire set and they finally let people in once the band finished playing. I would say this was the shittiest/biggest let down of the night for me

-Integrity was really awesome, lots of energy, good vibes, Loved their set. The only thing that ruined their set for me was the stupid Hardcore dancing/Karate Ninjas that were swinging their fists and doing the hop scotch dance.

-Anaal Nathrakh was EPIC, EPIC, EPIC!!! The only thing that sucked about their set was that they only played a good 40 minutes while the other "final" bands in the other stages and tents were playing for 60-70 minutes which I thought was pretty bullshit. Anyways, I was pretty much shitting bricks for their entire set. That is all. America Loves you A.N. COME BACK TO AMERICA SOON

-Last but not least. I got to meet one of the members on this board after Anaal Nathrakh was done. That member happens to be Idrinkewine. We just had a quick brief little "YO WHATS CRACKIN, GOOD TO MEET YOU" moment. Idrinkwine, it was awesome meeting you at Scion Rock fest. I forgot to ask you this while we were talking but did you finally get to see death angel? Anyways, hope you did man, and again...good meeting you dude. It's always a pleasure meeting other people on this awesome board.

Alright I'll stop now, Anyways. Once again, I hope all of you guys got to see all the bands you came for. Hope to hear others experiences. Anyways, i'm off to sleep. It's been a long(and GREAT) fucking day.

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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