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Clutch -- Atlantic City, NJ -- March 4th, 2011

Made the decision to drive down to this last minute, was a good move on my part

La Curandera
Struck Down
Animal Farm
Mr Flannery
Open Up the Border
Ship of Gold
Big News I/Jam/Big News II

Also two bakerton songs thrown in.

About halfway through, a group of drunk, very annoying girls showed up next to me. This next part pains me to type, as a noted breast enthusiast - the one girl pulled hers out at least 4 times, and they were all so fucking annoying, it wasn't worth it. She actually started throwing ice from her drink on stage, which prompted the following:

Neil: "Real discreet motherfucker. You probably shouldnt join the CIA." (pause). "Well, they aren't too discreet either, so maybe you should join the CIA."
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