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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
NOFX is definitely NOT fucking ska. They are punk through and through, and are considered by many to be some of the founding fathers of the genre. So maybe they aren't strictly hardcore, as per the title of this thread, but they definitely aren't fucking ska.

Youth of Today are straightedge punks - in fact, again, they are considered by many to be among the founding fathers of THAT particular genre.

Look - I don't know what you mean by "he is getting the wrong idea", but the one thing I can tell you is that I have listened enough to all of the bands I have mentioned - and seen many of them live, since their inception (which in some cases was two or three decades ago) to know what I am talking about.

I was hanging from the water pipes in the ceiling of the old Peabody's (the one in the Cleveland Flats, not the current one which is behind the Rascal House at CSU), and doing flips off the stage and into the crowd at D.R.I. when they were on tour for their "Crossover" album in 1987. My first mosh pit was probably at a show with Method of Destruction and Anthrax (or was it Exodus? or maybe both? I don't remember.) back when Billy Milano founded M.O.D. and was on tour for their first album.

In fact, speaking of Billy, he threw me off the stage once at a show where he and a couple of guys named Scott, Dan and Charlie of this little thrash band called Anthrax were up there doing a song called "Speak English or Die". Heard of it? In fact, I think I have a guitar pick from Billy somewhere, too. Maybe it was a M.O.D. show, maybe S.O.D. That was a long time ago - who the hell knows.

I have a dollar bill signed by Schmier back when Destruction was touring for a little album called "Release from Agony". I saw Slayer on three different tours in the eighties, the last of which was for a little album called "Seasons in the Abyss". I saw Death on three different tours before "Human" was even released (and by the way, I have their first four albums - including "Human" - on fucking cassette). I listened to Black Flag while Henry Rollins was IN THE BAND - not running around the country doing concerts with band he named after himself or spoken-word gigs alone on a stage with a mic.

Speaking of spoken word gigs, I listened to Jello Biafra back when he was in The Dead Kennedys and when he had founded a side project called Lard - not when he was doing spoken word shit.

I saw Exodus on tour for Bonded by Blood - ONE OF THE BEST THRASH ALBUMS EVER MADE (in fact, that was the first CD I ever bought - back when CD's first came out). I saw Sodom on tour for "Persecution Mania". I saw Kreator on tour for "Pleasure to Kill". I saw Rob Trujillo twenty-plus years before he ever picked up a bass for Metallica, playing in Suicidal Tendencies when they were on tour for "Join the Army".

Speaking of Metallica, I remember the day that "Master of Puppets" came out...a bunch of friends and I were playing basketball at the local playground and we damn near wore the fucking cassette tape out playing it on somebody's ghettoblaster. I think we went through about a dozen batteries that day.

Hell - I've probably had more thrash / death metal / speed metal / hardcore / punk albums LOST OR STOLEN FROM ME than you've ever owned.

So you know what? You're not going to have much luck trying to correct me on old school shit, bro.

The problem with somebody your age trying to fuck with somebody my age about metal / punk history is that you've only downloaded it, listened to the re-issue or read about it on the Internet - I WAS FUCKING THERE.

...and NOFX is definitely NOT fucking ska.

The Nat
Metal as fuck before many of you were even born.
Cool story bro

That is a cool story, I wish I was around when all this metal happened.
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