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Originally Posted by wroed View Post
Just got to work and realised I left my notes at home. I got the After All setlist so will check and let you know the one you're missing. I don't think Heathen played Goblin's Blade. It was just four songs from the new album and the one you're missing is Controlled By Chaos.

May be a bit slow with our review as swamped at work. Briefly, thought After All were better than I've seen them before due to new singer, but still a bit bland. Heathen were great but four songs was criminal (although they were all very long songs), they must come back soon. Destruction were a major let down. Sound was awful in comparison to Heathen and as much as I guess it will never happen again, they were better when they had two guitars. Overkill were simply awesome.
Turns out there was no gap in the After All setlist. Just me being unfamiliar with their new songs (everything played was from the latest album and their two self-released EPs).

I guessed it would be Controlled By Chaos... but it seemed to go on too long to be one song

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