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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
After All (17:45-18:15)
My Own Sacrifice
Devastation Done
End of Your World
Becoming The Martyr
Demolition Course
Betrayed By The Gods
Timeless Machine

Heathen (18:40-17:10)
Dying Season
?? >
Goblin's Blade
Arrows of Agony
No Stone Unturned
Just got to work and realised I left my notes at home. I got the After All setlist so will check and let you know the one you're missing. I don't think Heathen played Goblin's Blade. It was just four songs from the new album and the one you're missing is Controlled By Chaos.

May be a bit slow with our review as swamped at work. Briefly, thought After All were better than I've seen them before due to new singer, but still a bit bland. Heathen were great but four songs was criminal (although they were all very long songs), they must come back soon. Destruction were a major let down. Sound was awful in comparison to Heathen and as much as I guess it will never happen again, they were better when they had two guitars. Overkill were simply awesome.
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