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Overkill -- London, England -- March 3rd, 2011

Killfest Tour 2011
Venue: Islington Academy

After All (17:45-18:15)
My Own Sacrifice
Devastation Done
End of Your World
Becoming The Martyr
Demolition Course
Betrayed By The Gods
Timeless Machine

Heathen (18:40-17:10)
Dying Season
Controlled By Chaos
Arrows of Agony
No Stone Unturned

Destruction (19:45-20:40)
Curse The Gods
Mad Butcher
Tears of Blood
Thrash Till Death
Bestial Invasion
Soul Collector
Hate Is My Fuel
Nailed To The Cross
The Butcher Strikes Back

Overkill (21:15-22:45)
The Green And Black
Rotten To The Core
Wrecking Crew
Bring Me The Night
Bastard Nation
Blood Money
Endless War
Hello From The Gutter
Give A Little
Old School
Deny The Cross
Fuck You

4/10 Annihilator
13/10 Wolf
27/10 Joanne Shaw Taylor
29/10 Carcass

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