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Originally Posted by Bloodcurse
01. Intro (theme of "Naked Gun" with additional announcement)
02. Sixpounder
03. Silent Night, Bodom Night
04. Hate Me!
05. Chokehold (Cocked 'n Loaded)
06. Everytime I Die
07. Bodom after Midnight
08. Knuckleduster (played for the first time ever)
09. Needled 24/7
10. Deadnight Warrior
11. Bodom Beach Terror
12. Hate Crew Deathroll
13. Kissing the Shadows


14. In Your Face (unreleased new song from the upcoming album)
15. Angels Don't Kill
16. Downfall
17. Outro ("Fight For Your Right (To Party)" by BEASTIE BOYS)

Damn I would have love to be there !!!

Cheers !!!
Life Down There Is Just A Strange Illusion
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