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This is a set where everyone is saying to themselves, WTF are they playing, aka the deep cuts

1. Bitter Peace
2. Killing Fields
3. Evil Has No Boundaries
4. Desire
5. Kill Again
6. Divine Intervention
7. Dittohead
8. Behind the Crooked Cross
9. Gemini
10. I Hate You
11. 213
12. Skeleton Christ
13. Seven Faces
14. Mind Control
15. Show No Mercy
(and to keep everyone happy)
16. South of Heaven
17. Raining Blood
18. Hell Awaits
19. Mandatory Suicide
20. Angel of Death

I know I'll get shit for this set but wouldn't it be a blast if this just popped out of nowhere?
02/15-Black Sabbath
02/23-Megadeth, ST, COB, Havok
03/29-The Who
04/13-Iron Maiden
05/07-Amon Amarth
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