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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Not really. Godsmack brought the house down, and Motley was ok at best. The Feelgood songs did not go over that well outside of Feelgood, Kickstart, SOS, and DGAM. Some of the songs are just stupid like Rattesnake Shake. Motley is very hit and miss live, I saw them with Aerosmith in 06 and they were awful, then saw them in 08 and they were great.
The Feelgood songs never go over well for a few reasons.
  1. The songs are harder to play, as they were actually sober when they wrote them.
  2. They overdubbed the heck out of the album so, they can't possibly play all the parts.
  3. Bob Rock, as usual, totally over-produced the album so it's impossible to recreate the sound live.
  4. They got away from the glam-punk, 3-chord rocking selves, which began on the Girls, Girls, Girls album.

Motley, like a lot of the 8-'s bands started with 2 albums where every song was great, then TOP had about 7, Girls had 3-4, and DRF had 3-4.

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