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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Sixx has bashed Poison since Day 1. Has talked about how he would never tour with them, and how terrible they are. Sixx controls everything Motley does. Hell Vince and Tommy probly found out today, haha. This is why Sixx is the one to blame. He wants to tour with a shit band like Poison to make Motley look better, and sell tickets.

Cruefest was a disaster because Godsmack blew them off the stage.
Fair enough. Valid point. At the same time Poison has still bashed Motley as well. I don't really think that one side is really anymore innocent as the other. And the the fact that Godsmack blew them off the stage is not that surprising. I'm not a huge Godsmack fan but live they really do bring it.
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