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Simply amazing. Totally worth my 8-hour bus ride from LA to SF. Loved being part of that crowd. Will do a proper write-up very soon. I saw this tour in Anaheim, Hollywood, San Diego and SF, with SF easily being the best of the four.

"Thrashers" was easily the highlight. Here's my video. It offers a different perspective from the video posted above. I was in the 2nd row in the center of the stage, directly facing Mark. I just couldn't bring myself to record the whole song. I wanted to head bang so bad. So I stopped after Mark's speech but still got a few seconds of the song.

Hung out with the DA guys and chatted with Rob Flynn at the after-party. Epicness all around.


@Onioner Great review dude. Nice to meet you. See you again soon \m/

Can't wait for March 5th
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