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Clutch -- Burlington, VT -- February 27th, 2011

The other two bands were Death Pesos and Waylon Speed. Both are from the greater Burlington area.

I caught two songs from Death Pesos; one was a pretty close rip-off of Overkill's Rip n Tear. It was strange. Two was a Motorhead cover, Shoot You In The Back. That was pretty cool.

Waylon Speed was billed as country metal. The songs with vocals was more a rock/country combo. The instrumentals were somewhat heavy. Overall the vocal songs sounded like bad Big Head Todd and the Monsters, and the instrumentals were pretty boring and repetitive. I will know better next time....

Clutch came on to save the day! I think I got the set right. Help me if I messed up.

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Great set........except for Spacegrass. Great tune, but to end with it lets the air right out of the tires. Army of Bono on the other hand...........
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