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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
And the thing is, it's all -core bands that attract those types of pits, not just deathcore. Even one's I like, like grindcore and (good) metalcore. It just seems to bring out the fucking asshole "tr00 punx" kiddies at every show. I am way hesitant toward attending hardcore shows here that I would probably like because of how annoying they can be.
For me, all the great death metal bands I've seen have been at small venues where there can't physically be enough space on the floor to cause such visceral, intense pit action like that. Or maybe death metal fans are just mature, and like to watch the bands play

That was the thing with the concert, sometimes I just wanted to get a break and watch the performance, but I needed to go all the way off the floor to the bar area. Like it or hate it, thats the way -core bands are.
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