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I was going to do a review of this show anyway, so here goes:

First off, I'll tell you I won't be posting any setlists since I don't go to shows with a notepad... I go with money for beer! passty was nice enough to post the Motorhead setlist anyway, and I'll be able to tell you some Clutch songs that they definitely did play.

First of all, my buddy and I got to the Kool Haus (worst venue name ever) just as Valient Thorr were taking the stage. Since I'm not familiar with the band at all, I can't tell you what they played, but their set had great energy and they seemed to play well. At one point the singer went down into the audience. I think he was trying to get a wall of death going but I don't think it worked. I couldn't really see from where we were standing. We spent part of their set buying beer and t-shirts (I got a Clutch one, he got a Motorhead one).

So Clutch takes the stage, and let me say... FUCKING AWESOME. There aren't many bands who have the same kind of talent as Clutch. They absolutely stole the show from Motorhead. They played the following songs, plus a few more from albums that I'm not very familiar with:

The Mob Goes Wild
Cypress Grove
La Curandera
Open Up the Border
Abraham Lincoln

The set was fantastic and reminded me of why, 9 years ago when I first saw them I was totally blown away since I had never even heard them before that.

Now, I know I said Clutch stole the show, but that's not to say that Motorhead were bad in any way. In fact, that was THE LOUDEST set EVER. I've never been so deaf after a show and left wishing I had brought earplugs. The band played perfectly, but the only problem with Motorhead is that they really only have two speeds -- fast and mid-paced, so all their songs kind of run together. Neil from Clutch came out for Killed By Death which was cool. Lemmy's a fucking machine. That is all.
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