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Immortal -- San Antonio, TX -- February 26th, 2011

Venue: Backstage Live

All Shall Fall
Sons of Northern Darkness
Rise of Darkness
Damned In Black
Hordes To War
Norden On Fire
In My Kingdom Cold
Grim & Frostbitten Kingdoms
Withstand The Fall of Time
One By One
Blashrykh (Mighty Ravendark)
The Sun No Longer Rises

The Coming of War
Night Fire Canonization
The Thrice Is Greatest to Ninnigal
Swords and Leather
Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)
Highland Tyrant Attack
Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle

Wow. So this was my first Immortal show, and none of the glowing reviews I read or videos I watched did it justice. The intensity level in the room is just insane. Anyway...

The tickets listed doors at 8:30 and we got to the venue about 10 after 8. There was a massive line down the block when we pulled up, but it turned out they had already opened doors for ticket holders and will call people and that was just the cash-at-the-door line. So we got right in immediately, which was nice. It was my first time at this venue and I liked it a lot. I was expecting more of a theater, but it was all one level with relatively low ceilings and a pretty intimate feeling for a place that holds about 1200. Immortal's tour manager came out on stage and informed everyone that they sold out of all their shirts and most other merch and that you could put your name on a mailing list and have a chance to order items with no shipping cost at a later date. All they had were a few posters, patches and some medium sized Absu shirts. We grabbed a couple rounds of beers and just kind of claimed a spot as the place slowly filled in until Absu took the stage around 9:40 or so.

This was also my first time seeing Absu and goddamn! Proscriptor McGovern is one of the best live drummers I've ever seen. I was not expecting it to sound so clean and so precise. Between the drumming and guitar work they were dead on with the album tracks, it sounded great. Since they're from Dallas this was practically a hometown show for them and the crowd was going nuts. There was a good sized pit throughout their whole set.

After Absu finished I was mentally prepared for a long wait before Immortal, based on the other reviews. So I got a couple more beers for the wait and I was pleased that it only ended up being about 30 minutes between the end of Absu and when the fog machines fired up. And then the chaos ensued. The whole main section of the floor was a pit the entire time. My roommate and I were about 10-15 people back from the stage. By the time they played Rise of Darkness I could just barely see the front of the drum kit from the amount of fog.

The whole place was insane and people were crowdsurfing constantly. There was broken glass all over the floor near us by the second song. The crowd was a great combination of massive metal dudes and littler nerdy guys, which is kind of what you would expect. Before Immortal started there was a high school aged kid in front of us playing Pokemon on DS, which I found funny. All in all in was an incredible show. Solarfall ended up being more awesome than I expected and of course Tyrants and One By One were amazing. I love Beyond the North Waves, but I really can't be disappointed since we got Blashrykh instead.

Amazing show from both bands. Great tour ending performance.
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