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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
I don't see how Mother of Mercy is up on anyones list, I just don't get it. For me it's the weakest song on the album and should never be played

I agree about taking out Blood Brothers though, it would be night to have something newer. I would go for Colours, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, or Longest Day.
Well dude, I feel the exact same way for 'Coming Home', it is a decentish song, but to me, it it easily one of the weakest of the new album, I just find it a little boring, while on the other hand, 'Mother of Mercy', I love since Bruce's voice is amazing and the aggressive chorus is just magical. But that's just my opinion xD

And true dat, I'd LOVE to hear 'The longest Day'.
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