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Cradle of Filth -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 26th, 2011

An early show because I think the club wanted us out by 11 for a Rave or something. I actually didn't mind. I missed Turisis and Daniel Lioneye. I was worried about Natchmystium because I like them but all I hear is how horrible they are live. I thought they were actually pretty good except when they got all four members singing then it sounded a little off. Cradle was great, I was surprised by the lack of new material, nothing from Damnation and a Day and how much of their stuff I actually knew. My first time seeing them, they all looked pretty cool except Dani. The new outfit he's wearing looked like a onesie you'd dress a toddler in (from hell). Or he's let himself go.

(not sure)
(not sure - instrumental)
Hellish Overdose
Ruined Life Continuum
High on Hate

Cradle of Filth
Heaven Torn Asunder
Funeral in Carpathia
Honey & Sulpher
Lillith Immaculate
Her Ghost in the Fog
Nyphetamine - Fix
Principals of Evil Made Flesh
Under Huntress Moon
Ebony Dressed For Sunset
The Forest Whispers My Name

Cruelty Brought thee Orchids
From Cradle to Enslave

We were out by 9:30. Had I know it was ending so early I'd have bought a ticket for Motorhead, who were playing less than a half hour drive away and probably didn't go on stage until 10:30.
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