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Death Angel -- San Francisco, CA -- February 26th, 2011

Quite simply, WOW. This was downright amazing. I ran into Andrew Metalhead, and hung around and chatted with him throughout the show. (If you read this Andrew, sorry if I slammed into you too much man!) During Bonded By Blood's set, Mauro shoved the mic into peoples' faces to sing the chorus of Feed the Beast. It was fucking fun to scream Feed the Beast into the mic twice, it really made me feel like a part of the performance. Bonded By Blood and Lazarus A.D. thrashed as expected, but Death Angel tore Slim's to shreds. Throughout Death Angel's entire performance the crowd went nuts (a Death Angel chant started after every fricken song!). Mark gave a few speeches on how great it was to be home, and he meant it. Dude was almost crying a couple times. Ted and Rob were absolute maniacs, and were all over the place and being total guitar badasses throughout the night. We didn't get any thing special set-list wise, even though the crowd chanted Kill As One a bunch of times. Thanks to Mark's little chats, the 90 minute set became 2 hours flat. No complaints here! Also, during Thrashers, the band invited every member of Bonded By Blood and Lazarus A.D. to help sing and just fuck around on stage. It was easily one of the craziest, most nutshit experiences I've ever had. The place erupted like there was no tomorrow, and I banged my head as much as I possibly could without being off-time. On a side note, during Thrashers, the singer from Lazarus threw a beer in my hair and I headbanged it off, making my hair pretty much a beer grenade. It was pretty sweet. Also, Mark had a bottle of vodka in hand in between songs. During a moment of a little quietness, I yelled "CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!" and he said "Alright, who was the kid that just yelled chug?" and my buddies all pointed at me. He then gave a little spiel on how he had to keep his voice up for the set. This was another neat way I got to participate in the concert. The set flowed really well, and the new songs were just as well received as the warhorses. Veil of Deception was a nice break from the insanity, and it's a great song in its own right. The cover of Purgatory was great, but it was a shame that Mark didn't sing any of it. I can imagine him singing the "Pleeeaase, take me awahaay, take me awahay so fah AWAY" bit perfectly. He also did a damn fine job on Heaven and Hell. Dio would have been proud. River of Rapture was surpisingly a great encore song; it has live classic written all over it. This Hate was also another standout new song. Seemingly Endless Time was pretty odd in the set. It was far less heavy live compared to pretty much everything else. I guess they felt they needed to sufficiently represent Act III with two songs. At least Veil of Deception was fantastic, and Seemingly Endless Time was still played well. It just stood out because of its musical uniqueness I suppose.

All in all, this was a fantastic show on all accounts. I had an absolute blast, and I'm so happy I got to share in Death Angel's joy and energy in coming home to their family and friends.

Well done guys, well done.
1. I Chose the Sky
2. Evil Priest
3. Buried Alive
4. Mistress of Pain
5. Claws In So Deep
6. Seemingly Endless Time
7. This Hate
8. Relentless Revolution
9. Truce
10. Purgatory
11. Veil of Deception
12. Opponents at Sides
13. Bored/Heaven and Hell/Bored
14.Thrashers (w/ everyone from Bonded By Blood and Lazarus A.D.)
15. Lord of Hate
16. River of Rapture
17. Thrown to the Wolves

Come to think of it, they're probably having their after-party right now at some club at 8th and Folsom. Goddamn me for being under 21. Oh well.
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