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BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE -- Metal Hammer, December 2010

I just wanted to share some excerpts from an article and later, interview with Matt Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine from the December 2010 issue of Metal Hammer UK. It's quite provocative, and I'd like to hear what people have to say about it.


"In spite of venomous attacks from the metal community, the internet and the press, they stand as the biggest British metal band to have emerged since Iron Maiden smashed through the barricades of the mainstream in the late 70s and early 80s." Later the author states that the modern benchmark for what a metal band can accomplish is personified by Bullet.

"It does hurt at times," says Matt after a Brief pause. "I've learnt to deal with the negative stuff that people have to say and that you can't please all the people, all of the time. We've got a huge loyal fanbase at the moment, and that's all that matters really. We've people up because we're selling out venues all over the world."

"We're all one big happy metal family, or we should be, and that gets forgotten sometimes. We're all in the same fucking boat here! Let's all be fucking cool!" - Matt

"It's imperative to consider that a new generation of metal heads have the same horn-throwing passion for The Poison (BFMV) or Trivium's Ascendancy that past generations have felt about Number of the Beast, Master of Puppets or Burn My Eyes."

"For every 10 people who get introduced to our world via a BFMV record, a portion of those fans will become metal heads for life as a consequence of their purchase. Show us someone whose first metal record was At The Gates' Slaughter of the Soul and we'll watch their nose grow a couple of inches."

More to quote, but I'm too lazy to type on this shitty Mac keyboard. What do you guys think?
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