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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
Id like to see some more enthusiasm from araya. I think part of why the setlists are so stagnant is that band kinda doesn't have their heart in this anymore...or at least tom doesn't seem like he does. King said tom would have no part of the big four performance at the end of the show...he did an interview recently where he claimed to know nothing about their future plans, and just talked about wanting to see his family as much as he could before and after does he ever look like he's having fun up there? I dunno...just how I see it.
Well, for the big four thing, they had three voalists and three bass players up there, Tom probably felt like he couldn't add anything, and he was in the photo at the end with everyone on stage. I seen them last year at Graspop, and Tom was all smiles while playing for us, he's loving it. King is the one who does the setlists, so thats all his game, he's bad at constructing them. That setlist is ok, not great, but ok, considering its not headlining, and its at a festival.
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