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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
That set is alright. Dropping 'Angel of Death' is awesome. I love big "fuck you" moves in setlists. It's not up there with Ozzy dropping 'Paranoid', Motorhead dropping 'Ace of Spades' or 'Metallica' dropping 'Enter Sandman', but it's up there.
Uh, yeah it is. What other song defines Slayer more than "Angel of Death?" Besides "Raining Blood," that is.

other points to add:
-WPB is leagues better than Christ Illusion, God Hates Us All, and obviously Diabolus. In my opinion, of course.
-I've also recently taken a liking to Divine Intervention. I'm never gonna cry out for them to play anything from that album, because there's so much better stuff from the first 5 they could be playing, but nevertheless, it's a great album.
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