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Originally Posted by AnglOvDeth View Post
Nice add with Black Magic, I love that song.
But again I say, Where the fuck is ANYTHING off Divine Intervention?

Dude, they haven't played anything off DI in years. I'm right there w/ ya though. I wish they would break out some tunes from it. Killing Fields, Sex.Murder.Art, the title track, are among my all time faves.

W/ all the Americon discussion : I actually like the song. I think it's cool they broke it out. Problem is, it isn't a "good" song, very simple music and cheesy lyrics. Would rather have them play Psycopathy Red, Playing W/ Dolls, or The Human Strain.

It seems like a lot of you guys are bitching about the set: GIVE THEM A BREAK!!! They've only had Gary Holt for what, 10 days? You must've expected them to be somewhat limited in their ability to play certain songs. Yes, I agree the setlist sucked, but what did you expect to see w/o Jeff?

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