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Deicide -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 25th, 2011

Same setlists for all the bands that have played on the tour so far, so I'll only post Deicides. The crowd was nuts for Deicide, and even though the guitars were a little low in the mix they were still awesome. Jack Owens is playing the most un-metal guitar I've seen in my life, but that's cool.

The best part of Deicides set, other than Sacrificial Suicide, was that they played the first four songs one after another with no break or anything, totally seemless. It was just a 15 minute barrage of death metal. If the whole set was like that it would've been the best concert ever. More bands NEED to do that.

Too bad Belphegor joins the tour the night after this show, they're a great band live and would've fit this bill nicely. As it was the openers all got okay responces.

Homage for Satan
Dead by Dawn
Once Upon the Cross
Scars of the Crucifix
When Satan Rules His World
Serpents of the Light
Hang In Agony Until You Are Dead
They Are the Children of the Underworld
Death to Jesus
Dead but Dreaming
Witness of Death
Into the Darkness You Go
How Can You Call Yourself A God
Kill the Christian

Lunatic of God's Creation
Sacrificial Suicide
12/12 - Madball
12/30 - WWE
01/15 - Fuck the Facts
01/22 - Sleep
02/27 - Inertia 20th Ann. Show
03/06 - Cradle of Filth
03/12 - Tortoise(?)
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