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Wow I can't recall a Clutch set that didnt include Electric Worry/One Eye Dollar. Hope they havent dropped that, wanna hear it when I see them tomorrow, awesome that they played Freakonomics! prob wont know much of Motorheads, just the classics, as I havent listened to them forever, so I'll prob need help with theirs. Clutch however I have the last 4 records dl, and plan on buying SCFTW. Would love to hear Motherless Child but I know they prob wont. And youre right, theres just something about Clutch you cant help but groove lol People call them a stoner band but I think theyre just a good time rock band. Cant wait to see them for the first time
8/8 - I Declare War/Molotov Solution
8/9 - Summer Slaughter
8/13 - Blind Witness
9/16 - Parkway Drive
9/24 - Crush Em All
12/7 - BTBAM/AAL
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