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yeah was too lazy to do a full review, but IDW was pretty sick, I was wanting to see what the new singer was like, and he delivered. No disappointment for the loss of Jon. VOM was good, but same set as always and theyre way too over with the scene kids for a metal band, so they get annoying, same with Acacia Strain, and I had just seen them twice recently, but good that they played different songs this time around. Whitechapel I must admit is HUGE over. Ppl go apeshit for them and for good reason, their live show is tight. I wouldve as somone said liked to hear more from SD, especially that song in particular, I don't know if Phil avoids it just to give his voice a break, but still theres some brutal songs on that record, the one that got me into them, so they need to add more. Overall a good show, but not the best I've seen of any of the bands. IDW probably won me over, those guys can bring it.
8/8 - I Declare War/Molotov Solution
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