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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
I do agree that Asking Alexandria are pretty bad, their sound and stage performance was horrible IMO opening up for All That Remains. As for Chelsea Grin, I've tried to listen to them and I just can't hear anything unique in their sound, like when I tried to listen to Oceano. Seems like they are just ripping off some Whitechapel riffs and adding some Suicide Silence high screams in.

I'll hold off judgement until I see 'em this weekend. They could be fine live. Anyway, looking orward to seeing this concert, but mostly for Acacia Strain now. Wormwood is SO good, it blows Whitechapel's new album out of the water.

I'll try to get an honest review up for the concert for anyone interested.
I'll be interested, for The Acacia Strain anyway. I've decided I am not going to this. It's not worth the money to see just one band I like
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