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My Picks:

Best Guitarist: Janick Gers, Dave Murray, and Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)

Best Drummer: Nicko McBrain (IRON MAIDEN)

Best Vocalist: Glenn Danzig (DANZIG) or Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN)

Album Of The Year: Theres really no good choices here but I gues i'll go with VOLBEAT, "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven"


Most Metal Athlete: Go what a stupid category, I dont even know who any of those people are.

Best New Band: They all suck but I guess i'll go with The Damned Things

Best Comeback: lol @ this category my pick is Accept since they're the only one who makes sense.

* FAITH NO MORE - Didn't they already say they're not doing any more shows?
* MURDERDOLLS - When did they break up?
* SOUNDGARDEN - They haven't even done a full tour yet.
* SYSTEM OF A DOWN - They haven't played one show yet how can you tell if it's a good comeback.
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