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Originally Posted by PathLessTraveledRecords View Post
I'm new here and came across this site the day after. I think "In My Kingdom Cold" is missing from the set list. It's my favorite song by them which is how I remember it

I personally thought ABSU was generic and boring. The drummer had that ridiculous headband on with arm dressings and I just didn't get it. I was impressed by his drumming and vocals for sure and they were better live than on CD, but they did not upstage IMMORTAL at all in my opinion.

The dude whistling was very annoying. Everyone up front was looking at each other wishing he would stop. Probably the same drunk I heard yelling stupid things while we were eating. So if you shut him up, thanks!

IMMORTAL was a little sloppy and took WAY too long to come out, but I liked their song choices and overall, it was great to finally see them play live. I think it had been many years since they came to Chicago and my guess is they may not make it back.

I don't get to shows as much as I used to so this site will be pretty cool to check out in the future for shows that I can't go to (I'm 2 1/2 hours from Chicago and St. Louis which makes it hard to make it out).
In My Kingdom Cold was played before Tyrants.
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