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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Sounds awesome! Phil kind of seems like a dick to me for some reason just because of his stage presence. He looks super pissed at humanity 24/7. Glad to hear he's a nice dude. Haven't heard I Declare War yet, so I'm going in with no expectations. Hopefully I enjoy 'em. I'm a huge VoM fan. sucks about the vocals, but I listen to them for the guitar work. TAS sounds badass as usual; I'm probably gonna be one of those people going mental.
haha. I honestly didn't even recognize Phil. He was in glasses, a hat, and had a beard (shaved before the show started). It was honestly like two completely different people. I had the chance to go and grab something to eat with him (originally we were going to do the interview in the diner we were at) and we just shot the breeze about music, life, growing up in Tennessee, touring, etc. If I had not known what he did/was like onstage beforehand, i would have called you a complete lier if you told me he fronted that band.

With VoM the guitar work was great. Got down to that pretty good. Might have also been where i was with sound. At times the vocals were perfect.
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