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Originally Posted by RockTheWalls View Post
Personally from what I saw from I Declare War (was in the middle of an interview with TAS when they started) they sounded good. I personally think they are going to get pretty big in the next bit. Their singer is also one scary mother****** on stage.

Veil of Maya sounded tight. Vocals at times were hard to hear, but otherwise awesome.

The Acacia Strain, love'em or hate'em, they rocked the place. It went absolutely mental. Vincent was battling a fever but trooped it out.

Whitechapel was Whitechapel. Anytime i've seen them, they are always on. I ended up interviewing Phil Bozeman and grabbing a bite with him before the show. Super nice dude. Gotta say he does put on quite the "stage voice" inbetween songs though. Compared to what he sounded like in our interview, you would never know it was the shame person. Such a cool dude though.
Sounds awesome! Phil kind of seems like a dick to me for some reason just because of his stage presence. He looks super pissed at humanity 24/7. Glad to hear he's a nice dude. Haven't heard I Declare War yet, so I'm going in with no expectations. Hopefully I enjoy 'em. I'm a huge VoM fan. sucks about the vocals, but I listen to them for the guitar work. TAS sounds badass as usual; I'm probably gonna be one of those people going mental.
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