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lying dead on the floor as we dance around and party that your dead
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(anesthesia) pulling teeth
rob with a quick bass solo leading into
dyers eve
harvester of sorrow
that was just your life
all nightmare long
the memory remains
...and justice for all
the thing that should not be
until it sleeps
some kind of monster
ride the lighting
video of the big four playing am i evil
lamb of god set
foot to the throat
walk with me in hell
ashes of the wake
again we rise
Metallica Set 2
fade to black
for whom the bell tolls
fight fire with fire
leper messiah
welcome home(sanitarium)
whereever i may roam
the unforgiven
the unforgiven 2
the unforgiven 3
nothing else matters
king nothing
master of puppets
seek and destroy
the day that never comes
of wolf and man
enter sandman
the god that failed
jump in the fire
hit the lights
The day that comes that i would listen to rap or pop is when hell freezes over
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