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Originally Posted by bobisdead911 View Post
I'm really wondering why so many ppl hate Chelsea Grin and say theyre the "worst band ever" No, actually Asking Alexandria are the worst band ever, at least CG don't try to talk tough and look like pussies on stage, they're just another metal band, and how can u not like VOM either if u like scene stuff, then they should be at least appealing to u, anyway CG isn't my fav band either but they're not bad, they didn't make it into Canada so I won't be seeing them, but that doesn't mean I'm glad. Like seriously a lot of scene kids need to wake up and learn the difference in genres and stop calling everything "generic deathcore"
I do agree that Asking Alexandria are pretty bad, their sound and stage performance was horrible IMO opening up for All That Remains. As for Chelsea Grin, I've tried to listen to them and I just can't hear anything unique in their sound, like when I tried to listen to Oceano. Seems like they are just ripping off some Whitechapel riffs and adding some Suicide Silence high screams in.

I'll hold off judgement until I see 'em this weekend. They could be fine live. Anyway, looking orward to seeing this concert, but mostly for Acacia Strain now. Wormwood is SO good, it blows Whitechapel's new album out of the water.

I'll try to get an honest review up for the concert for anyone interested.
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