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Holy shit you were the guy that did some justice and punched the asshole whistling?! You're my fucking hero hahaha! And we all asked him nicely (and then told him shut the fuck up since he didn't get that message...), so he had it coming.

I will agree with you, this show was out to get me as well. All the Immortal shirts were large and up, and I wear medium borderline with small size, go fucking figure. And because I'm 19, those drones at the bottom lounge wouldn't let me go out to smoke during the show. One of the security guys was like "You can try inside and get kicked out herpaderp" Fucking smart ass. To add injury to insult, they fucking drew X's on my hands like I was some straight edge guy. Fuck the bottom lounge. Immortal and Absu were damn good though.

EDIT: 5 hand washes and a shower later, the X's on my hands are still there...

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