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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
My Slayer "Big 4" setlist

Killing Fields
At Dawn They Sleep
Live Undead
Unit 731
Chemical Warfare
Ghost of War
Here Comes The Pain
Spirit In Black
Die By The Sword
Raining Blood
War Ensemble
Bitter piece
MR FREEZ(cover song)
Ditto Head
South of Heaven
Angel of Death
Oh how I wish they would really play that long I would die happy right there in the field; oh well we can dream can we? I'll take a shot at this 20 song heaven

1. Chemical Warfare
2. Hell Awaits
3. War Ensemble
4. Jihad
5. Human Strain
6. Die by the Sword
7. Black Magic
8. Psychopathy Red
9. Nercophiliac
10. 213
11. Payback
12. Beauty Through Order
13. Seasons in the Abyss
14. Postmortem
15. Raining Blood
16. Killing Fields
17. South of Heaven
18. Playing with Dolls
19. Mandatory Suicide
20. Angel of Death
02/17/15- Machine Head
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