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Finish Metal Tour -- Toronto, Canada -- February 22nd, 2011

Got there a bit late and missed Barren Earth, so I don't have an opinion about them. I'm guessing their setlist is the same.

Next was Rotten Sound and though I thought it was odd having a grindcore band play with a bunch of folk metal bands, they were fucking awesome. I'm also guessing their setlist is the same.

Next up was Ensiferum!!! My 2nd time seeing them. They kicked so much ass, it was unbelievable. Everything was just amazing.

By The Dividing Stream
From Afar
Token Of Time
Into Battle
Smoking Ruins
Deathbring From The Sky
Stone Cold Metal
The New Dawn
Lai Lai Hei
Twilight Tavern
Victory Song

Finally, Finntroll!!! My first time and all I can say it, holy fucking shit!! They truely know how to put on a show and get the crowd going.

Den Frusna Munnen
Slaget Vid Blodsälv
Skogens Hämnd
Ett Norrskensdåd
Midnattens Widunder
Grottans Barn
Under Bergets Rot
Mot Skuggornas Värld
Maktens Spira
Jaktens Tid
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