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Parkway Drive -- Chicago, IL -- February 21st, 2011

Bands: Parkway Drive, Set Your Goals, The Ghost Inside, The Warriors
Venue: House of Blues
Brought to you by: jd091, myself

First of all, what a show. I ended up having a much better time than I anticipated.

Got to the HOB about 40 minutes early, and had to wait out in the freezing cold with about 25 mph winds. Fucking sucked. And the doors didn't open until 5:15, 15 minutes late. Not a good first impression, HOB. Venue was beautiful and sound was great however, so hopefully I can see more shows there when the weather clears up. Ended up getting second row front and center by the rail, and although there were a ton of scene kiddies and 14 year old girls, I met this awesome guy with a Children of Bodom shirt (I was wearing my Behemoth shirt) and we talked the whole night. Nice to see another death metal fan in the sea of scene

First band that came up was The Warriors. I had never heard them before, so I don't have any sets, but damn they were good. Straight up hardcore, almost to the point of being a Hatebreed cover band, but thats not a bad thing in my opinion. At one point Winston from Parkway came out and sang along with the singer, which was awesome, but it did highlight how much better a singer Winston was than the other guy. There was actually this huge fat guy with long hair and a Cannibal Corpse shirt slam dancing the entire time in the pit. I 'ed pretty damn hard at that. Great performance overall; I'm definitely gonna check these guys out more.

Next was half the reason I was coming here: The Ghost Inside.

Holy shit, what a show. I've been getting into them a lot lately (and consider them my favorite melodic hardcore band), but now they've vaulted up into one of the best live bands I've had the pleasure of seeing. The crowd was way into them, and even though I was screaming along to a lot of the lyrics, some kids around me knew every single lyric. I was second row front and center, and at the end of Faith or Forgiveness, Johnathan jumped down and leaned over us, giving us the mic to yell the lyrics into. A first time direct-mic singing experience for me, and the first time I've grabbed and embraced a singer who jumped into the crowd. You could tell all the guys were super into the crowd; Johnathan smiled at me a bunch and pointed me out a lot. I would say he only sung half of the lyrics, and the other half the crowd screamed out. Damn, it was awesome. Only could have been better for me if they were headlining and played a longer set, and maybe in a venue where a little stagediving could have went down.


Greater Distance
Between the Lines
Faith or Forgiveness

Next up was Set Your Goals. I had looked up one of their songs before the night, and got about 15 seconds in before I had to turn it off. So yeah, I'm a little biased against 'em. But all in all fairness they're not metal; one of the singers even acknowledged that at the show and still thanked everyone for the reaction. By this time I managed to get front center on the rail, so I had to watch 'em. Didn't strike me as anything special. I might have liked 'em back in 6th grade when I was in my Green Day phase, but not now. Not that they were necessarily a bad pop-punk band; they just weren't my style. The guys next to me and I actually got into an intense scrabble game on an iPhone, it was much more exciting than what was going on 3 feet in front of me. And for some weird reason they had two singers: one who looked like this fat kid I used to babysit years ago, and one skinny guy who looked like my 13 year old cousin. So no, I don't have a set for them, because this is goddamn Kiddies seemed to like 'em though; there were tons of crowdsurfers (more than, dare I say, Parkway Drive?!?) and the singers threw the mics out into the crowd for the kiddies to sing along, which I respected.

Now it was time for the mighty Austrailian metalcore masters themselves: Parkway Drive.

Set (Same as it has been on this tour so far):

Idols and Anchors
Dead Man's Chest
Deliver Me
Home is for the Heartless
Siren's Call
Romance is Dead
Set to Destroy


Overall they killed it, and played a solid set. The only song I really didn't care for was Home is for the Heartless; would have much rather seen Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'Em, Gimmie a D, Anasasis, Guns for a Show..., etc. Other than that, I can't complain. The band had a great presence and sound live, and everyone was getting way into it. I will say that Winston seemed to hurt his knee in one of the first couple songs and wasn't moving around a ton, and although I was in the front and screaming all the words he wrote, he never seemed to look at me or give me props. Pretty disappointing, to be honest. And when the band came on after the encore, the left THE SECOND they were done with carrion. Barely waved goodbye to us.

It might have actually been the HOB's fault; the show ended exactly at 9:30 and immediately afterwards all the security guys were flipping out that we had to leave right then. I can't tell you how many times I was waiting in coat check and had a security guy tell me I needed to get the fuck out of the venue and go home. At least 8 times. I need to get my damn coat back, man!

Looking back, I kind of wish I peeled off for Parkway and got in the pit for a bit. From what I saw, even though it was all fighting invisible ninjas for The Warriors and The Ghost Inside, it was 98% good ol' push moshing and circle pits for Parkway. Surprised me. At least the rail was padded and didn't hurt too bad, and the band played spot-on. There must have been at least 30 crowdsurfers at the end of Carrion. My head hurt.

Overall, it was a great way to start off 2011. Probably not show of the year though, saying I'm seeing a goddamn evening with Amon Amarth, and HOLY SHIT RAMMSTEIN IN MAY. Highlight of the night for me was definitely seeing The Ghost Inside, and screaming into the mic. Those guys are a band anyone interested in hardcore should look out for

The Warriors: 8/10
The Ghost Inside: 9.5/10
Set Your Goals: 3.5/10
Parkway Drive: 9/10

Overall: 9/10
If this tour is coming by you and you have any interest in any of these bands, you would be a goddamn fool not to go. JD out.

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