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BBF3 is an inferior song to Moya, yes, but that's not saying a whole lot considering Moya has 6 1/2 minutes of some of the best music I've ever heard. I think BBF3 would be the perfect night ender for the reasons you mentioned… it has an awesome sort of reprise from an earlier dropped theme, then a wonderful climax, then a dark brooding 3 min outro. That outro is a good one to go out on. But the ideal set would have the whole EP played, preferably as a night ender.

The set alone makes night #2 better. Moya and the Sad Mafioso… and World Police… those are three of the best right there.

And there shouldn't be any complaining about "driving distances." Slap is too far out of the city? I'm driving 5 hours to see this band. And 7 1/2 to see Agalloch...

I'm glad it was a great show though.
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