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idrinkwine732 and Godspeed You! Black Emperor: A Love Story...continued

Jesus Christ I was sore on Sunday. Didn't stop me from heading into the city early, though. I stopped by Valencia Street to Aquarius Records, where I picked up my Scion Rock Fest wristband, on the off chance I can actually make it down there in a few weeks. I got some dinner at a place and zoomed on over to the Great American Music Hall, which now is becoming one of my favorite venues in the city. I scored the awesomest parking space right around the corner, and it was on the street, so I paid zip. It was only about 6:45 when I got there, so there were only about fifty people in line. GAMH did a hell of a job cutting down on scalping. They limited the amount of tickets you could buy, 2, and they made them all will call. It made for a pretty terrible process of getting in though. People were confused, people showed up trying to get tickets at the door. It was pretty painless for me though. I just went straight on up to the L-Z guy at the end of the line, he gave me my ticket and I was in the door.

The people in front of me had ordered garlic fries. Look, it's a love it or hate it thing, like marmite, but it made me feel starving, and the night a lot more hellacious. The opening band tonight was Date Palms, an ambient-ish sort of band. They probably were exactly what everyone thought an opener should be for Godspeed, but I just wasn't into them. They had a and he played these same notes for the first 20 minutes while the bassist repeated some notes and a violinist played. Their set dragged on for what seemed like a long time. It was an incredible contrast between them and Om. Damn those garlic fries. I could have eaten a small cow.

The glaring omission from the setlist the day before was Moya. I was really eager to see that song played, so I looked it up on my phone and I found out they played it semi-regularly, but I knew, with my luck, if there was one day they wouldn't play it, it would be the day I'm there. So when I heard Sophie, Efrim, Mike and co. all start the beginning of Hope Drone, I wasn't excited, I was nervous. They ended Hope Drone the same way as the night before, with Efrim messing around with some riffs. But then, there was a noticeable change in Mike's guitar tone, and I knew they were going to play it. Moya ascended into a beautiful and organic sounding piece, and was just like I imagined.

I had seen most of the setlists from the previous shows in Canada, Seattle and Portland, so I had an idea of the pool of songs that they would choose from. I think we got the best of the bunch. They rocked through The Albanian, Monheim and Dead Metheny, as well as World Police, all songs we'd gotten the night before. I expected them to just play Gathering Storm, but we ended up getting a lot of Storm. It was one of those things where you thought it was going to end, but it wouldn't. That's not a complaint, though. I was sort of getting tired of the tease though, I wanted to see what they were closing with. They then overlayed a little bit of the end of Storm with The Sad Mafioso, and really let some improvisation go with it. I was really happy to see Sad Mafioso, because after Moya, that might be my favorite Godspeed song. It offers such a beautiful sense of melancholy and gives off a feeling of being both lethargic and energetic. It's weird.

I left The Warfield the previous night tired and slightly disappointed. I wanted more. I left the Great American Music Hall last night feeling fulfilled and happy. I was so sure that I wouldn't be seeing Moya, that once I saw it, it made me ecstatic. That feeling of ecstasy continued the entire night, something that the previous show couldn't compete with. I was happy. I was gassed. I walked away from my two day experience with a nice GY!BE poster, a handful of awesome videos and a ton of great memories.

Hope Drone
The Albanian
They Don't Sleep Anymore on the Beach
Dead Metheny
Chart #3
World Police and Friendly Fire
The Sad Mafioso
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