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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
It's going to take a lot of calming myself down not be pissed as hell that we're not getting Blashyrkh on this tour.
Ending with it for a cumulative total of 4 years probably burnt them out on it. Sun No Longer Rises seems more interesting of a closer.

For what its worth, I'd rather hear that from that album than GAFK.

I mean, I'd like At The Heart of Winter instead of Solarfall and Unearthly Kingdom instead of Hordes to War. But eh. What ya gonna do?

They are playing a bit much from SOND. I'd say drop one of the songs to bring in Blashrykh, but the one I would want dropped is the one Brad would be pissed the most about, and the one he would want dropped is the one I would be pissed the most about.
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