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Death Angel -- Anahiem, CA -- February 20th, 2011

good times, great moments, all in the good name of metal?...Metal? METAL.

I got to the show at around 6 pm, mainly because chain reactions parking lot is so small and goddamn limited, I managed to find a spot and headed my way to get a ticket. Wasn't very packed but there definitely was a good amount of people at the show even though it was still pretty early. I actually thought all the bands were pretty kick ass. I thought Lazarus A.D was pretty dope, The skizoid was meh, Bonded By Blood didn't suck this time and I even found myself headbanging and moshing during a couple of songs. But the highlight of the night goes out to the one and only DEATH ANGEL. I didn't even really plan on making it out to the show tonight but I figured "eh Fuck it".

They came, they saw, and they fucking THRASHED. I loved every minute of their set. I was pretty much in the pit for a good 90% of their set. The other 10% was going out of my way to get some damn H2o because I was getting drained the fuck out. The Setlist is exactly like the other ones posted on here, Not much to say other than that the highlight of the night for me was "bored", "Thrashers", "Heaven and Hell" Cover, and "Mistress of Pain".

Aahahahahha I thought a nice little moment was when the crowed got really silent and I just scream to the top of my lungs "TAKE US BACK, BABY! TAKES US BACK TO THE GOOD OL' DAYS", and the singer looks at me and says "OH YOU HOLD ON THERE, WE WILL DEFINITELY GET INTO THAT, BUT YOU JUST GOTTA HOLD ON. WE WILL DEFINITELY TAKE YOU BACK", I don't know I thought it was worth mentioning

Another little note I thought that might be worth posting was the fact that during most of the set, the lead vocalist kept going on and on about how the crowed tonight was just tremendous and how it reminded him of the type of crowed he use to see at thrash shows back in I kind of felt a little special to be a part of that

Not really much else to say, other than that I spent pretty much during all of Death Angels set just Mindlessly thrasing, headbanging and moshing like a goddamn maniac. And I also Bumped into Andrew Metal head a couple of times. Other than that... Good times, great moments...all in the good name of METAL

Keep it real folks, Good night..

I Chose The Sky
Evil Priest
Buried Alive
Mistress Of Pain
Claws In So Deep
Seemingly Endless Time
This Hate
Relentless Revolution
(Acoustic outro from Claws In So Deep played over the P.A.)
Purgatory (Iron Maiden cover, no vocals) /
Veil Of Deception
Opponents At Sides
Bored /
Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath cover)
Lord Of Hate
River Of Rapture
The Ultra Violence (Intro) / Thrown To The Wolves

Once again....we didn't get "Kill as one" but meh, Great show overall
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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