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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
but the ones who have seem to be ranking them Eden, Dark, Society in that order. I'd personally switch Dark and Eden, but still.
Yes, I'm an Eden, Dark, Society orderer!

I wouldn't have minded if they'd played even more from Eden. Overall I've little to complain with the set though. I missed Seven Doors Hotel but appreciate that they wanted to change the song list from the last DVD.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
'Doghouse' will be on it (it sounds like a Queen rocker, before you ask).
Funnily enough I wrote down "Brian May riff"

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Cheers Dave. I think Voodoo Johnson sound MUCH better having nicked Vallenbrosa's singer I liked Kev Bayliss, but he was a bit too soft. They're benefiting from playing heavier and groovier (although I don't think much of the song they wrote with Brian Tatler).
I never saw them with Kev Bayliss but have the album and the change does make a difference. They came over quite grungey I thought, which was quite ironic given what grunge did to melodic rock. Nik Taylor-Stoakes talking voice amused us though. Not what you expect with his rich singing voice! Agree regards the Tatler song.
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