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The REAL Big Four

EXODUS (Unfortunately Rob Dukes has died in a bizarre gardening accident, so Gary Holt is forced to make nice with Zetro... they also agree that no Dukes-era tunes are to be played since he was spreading propaganda about Kirk Hammett's sexuality through their website... also Hunolt comes back, so that Lee Altus' head won't explode doing two sets)

Scar Spangled Banner
Toxic Waltz
Seeds of Hate
Strike of the Beast
Bonded By Blood
Metal Command
Thrash Under Pressure
War is my Shepherd
A Lesson in Violence

Dying Season
Arrows of Agony
Open the Grave
Heathen’s Song
Goblin’s Blade
Save the Skull
Silent Nothingness
Fear of the Unknown
Opiate of the Masses
Kill the King (Dedicated to Dio, of course)

The Preacher
Electric Crown
Sins of Omission
Henchman Ride
Chasing Fear
Down For Life
The New Order
Over the Wall
The Haunting
Hail Mary
Eyes of Wrath
Disciples of the Watch
Reign of Terror (Zetro comes out to do this, because Chuck just can't)
Practice What You Preach

Second Son
Bring me the Night
The One
Cold Hard Fact
Rotten to the Core
Weight of the World
Give a Little
Deny the Cross
End of the Line
Live Young, Die Free
The Sound of Dying
Bleed Me
Fatal If Swallowed
Long Black Line
Hello From the Gutter
Endless War
Thanx For Nothin’
Fuck You (With all 4 bands)
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