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This was my first time seeing Clutch as well the first time actually listening to them..But from what i heard I'm probably gonna check em out here sometime soon.
My girl friend and I got there about 6:30 and when the doors finally opened we got up on the gate right on Phil's side for the second time in a row I dug Valient Thorr a lot actually, since i didn't know what to expect they surprised me. Thought it was pretty damn cool when the lead singer jumped in the crowd, not sure what he did though.
Like I said I never listened to Clutch before hand but they weren't bad. Set kinda dragged on in my opinion. Probably cause i'm not a fan though.
Then Finally the mighty Motorhead Though they came out kinda rough with We Are Motorhead, I think they picked up by the Rock On. For me the highlights were Going To Brazil and Killed By Death. Also, I caught 4 picks and before Overkill kicked in Phil Campbell handed me his drink off stage
Over a pretty badass night
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