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First and foremost... Manks congrats on finally seeing Clutch!!! Didn't get to see any of Valient Thorr. Got there just in time for Clutch. Damn. Time after time they show why they are one of the most consistent live bands out there & are one of the best at switching up their sets every night. Really digging Neil tonight. Seemed a little bit more aggressive on stage than usual. Definitely enjoyed that. Guess I had got spoiled w/ Gravel Road bc last 2-3 times I've seen Clutch they opened w/ it. Instead getting 50K UW wasn't an ideal opener. Jealous bc alot of other dates got The Dragonfly and we did not My whole night was made w/ them doing The Incomprable Mr. Flannery. I haven't been lucky enough to get that in a long time. Coulda done w/o Freakonomics. Still have yet to get Motherless Child off new album. Everything else was amazing as they always are. My only questionable choice of theirs was Let A Poor Man Be as their closer. Happy to hear it bc it was my first time hearing it but a closer? Judging by the crowd it seemed kind of a letdown. I saw Neil get his guitar & hoped for Gravel Road or even EW/OED. Kind of buzzkill to end night but still love 'em, I believe this was #7 time seeing them.

Motörhead was motörhead. Lemmy seemed a little slow on We Are Motörhead which bummed me out bc I love that song. Seemed a little off on a few songs but still very minor. Thank god I've gone 2 years between seeing them. My ears cannot take that too often. The level of loud is indescribable. New songs sounded great. Mikey Dee's solo is actually a solo that doesn't suck. Good call Manks as well. Goin to Brazil is probably my favorite as well. Outside of Lemmy being inaudible a few times another solid set. Sad that shirts are now apparently being sold like arena prices ($35-40). However one of guys I went w/ bought an autographed drum head for $30. Kinda hating myself for not buying. Oh well. Killer show, lot better than my last KC show for BLS.
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