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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I just don't like there style of Music...AT ALL! And believe me, my friends have tried NUMEROUS TIMES to get me into them. I remember when that carver city album came out and they would blast that album 24/7 around hopes that they would convert me into a CKY fanboy, but no luck. They have tried really hard to get me into CKY, I wanna say....since 2006???

They have offered me once in 2006 to go see them, they even offered to buy me a ticket...No luck

I remember sometime in 08 or was it 07?....One of the two, and I still refused.

The lastest one was the show at the roxy in 2009. They all were willing to spot me my ticket but...I just can't

Sorry bt11763, I just can't get into them
well that's fine and well
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