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Lethal Weapon franchise

I decided to watch some clips of 3 on a whim list night and not only did I end up watching the whole movie, I pretty much alternated between watching the other movies and playing Goldeneye! These were my first R-rated movies as a kid and I'm happy to say for the most part they still kick ass!

Letsa break it down:

Lethal Weapon 1: Not quite as legendary as everyone remembers, but still pretty damn good. Also, it's both awesome and sad at the same time that Gary Busey is pretty much the same person as he was in this movie.

Lethal Weapon 2: Richard Donner's masterpiece. Hell he should have just started with this one.

Lethal Weapon 3: Everyone hates this one for some reason. I think its better than 1, but not quite as good as 2 (it would probably be better if we saw a lot less of Joe Pesci. He sucked hard here).

Lethal Weapon 4: I used to think this one was underrated but it has not aged well. There are plot holes and inconsistencies galore. It did have its bright spots though. Namely Murtaugh coming to terms with becoming a grandfather, Riggs "being too old for this shit," Jet Li in as a nasty bad guy (I shit you not, I remember hating this son of a bitch so much because of this movie, it's hard to believe he's become a good guy for so long), and a suprisingly great comedic duo in the form of Chris Rock and Joe Pesci. Hell they make an even funnier duo than Riggs and Murtaugh.

Supposedly a 5th one has been in development hell for a while. I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with that it should stay dead, even it might be Gibson's last shot at redemption. For a couple of reasons.

The ending of four wasn't quite "full circle," and it didn't not leave room for another one, but it was such a culmination of a journey, combined with the photo clip show of all the movies during the credit sequence, just makes for such a great happily ever after ending. Why the hell would you fuck that up for the sake of "art?"

Even if everyone important was on board for a 5th movie, that window of opportunity was closed and cemented shut a looooooooong time ago. I mean the 4th movie came out in 1998. 1998! Fuck, I can't believe there was time when that year was something other than the release of Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, Something Wild and Something Out Of Space.

Even if Mel Gibson hadn't completely Cleveland Steamed his image to shit, he just isn't an action star anymore. I mean when was the last action movie he was in? Payback? Payback also kicked ass (the original only, the director's cut can kiss my ass) but that was also over a decade ago.

So yea, talk and shit.
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