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Vektor -- Simi Valley, CA -- February 12th, 2011

Technically, it was the 13th ince they started a little passed midnight but who cares.

This was an all day thrash festival in the middle of nowhere. Pretty cool venue though, but security were assholes. The place had two stages set up. When one band finished, the other went on, like mayhemfest second stages.

So, Vektor were late because their van broke down in Indio, three hours away from this venue. When they did arrive, they only had their instruments, no amps or effects, so they were restricted with the set they would play. Even though all these events, they still put on a godly performance. Sucks cause you could tell that they were really having a bad day, but all in all, they still put on an amazing performance. New songs sounded great too.

  1. Hunger for Violence
  2. Asteroid
  3. Dark Creations, Dead Creators
  4. Fast Paced Society (Older song they redid for the new upcoming album)
  5. Black Future
  6. Echoless Chambers (I think that was the name)
  7. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  8. Oblivion

Exmortus and Witchaven also played and put on great performances. one thing I should mention is that I saw four walls of death this night, and I showed up 6 hours late. I guess the wall of death is the new big thing in thrash, sadly.

Oh, and sorry to bitch and complain, but this was proof that thrash is a new trend amongst kids. I've never seen so many middle school kids at a show before, all in tight clothing and white high tops.
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